Academic Criteria for Financial Aid

Alfred State is required to monitor the academic progress of students receiving federal and state financial aid. Students who are not maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and pursuit of program (POP) according to established guidelines are not eligible for federal Title IV and/or state financial aid. In addition, students cannot receive federal and/or state financial aid for courses not applicable to the major in which they are matriculated.

New York State Criteria/Requirements for Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) (full-time enrollment): Reviewed at end of each semester.




Minimum for initial enrollment payment



After 1 TAP payment


After 2 TAP payments


After 3 TAP payments


After 4 TAP payments


After 5 TAP payments


After 6 TAP payments


After 7 TAP payments


After 8 TAP payments


After 9 TAP payments


After 10 TAP payments


TAP - POP (Pursuit of Program)



Enroll full-time


6 hours taken


6 hours taken


9 hours taken


9 hours taken


12 hours taken


12 hours taken


12 hours taken


12 hours taken


12 hours taken


12 hours taken


TAP - SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)








Earn 6 hours 1.30 cum.


Earn 6 hours 1.50 cum.



Earn 15 hours 1.50 cum.


Earn 15 hours 1.80 cum.



Earn 27 hours 1.80 cum.


Earn 27 hours 1.80 cum.



Earn 39 hours 2.00 cum.


Earn 39 hours 2.00 cum.



Earn 51 hours 2.00 cum.


Earn 51 hours 2.00 cum.



Earn 66 hours 2.00 cum.


Earn 66 hours 2.00 cum.






Earn 81 hours 2.00 cum.






Earn 96 hours 2.00 cum.






Earn 111 hours 2.00 cum.






2.00 cum.


Students Receiving TAP Need to Know That:

TAP Aggregate – Students enrolled in associate degree programs can receive up to six semesters of TAP (six payment points per semester) for a total of 36 payment points. Bachelor's degree students can receive up to eight semesters of TAP or 48 payment points. Students who qualify under the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) can receive up to 10 semesters or 60 payment points. TAP payments received at other schools are still counted in the aggregate when students transfer schools.

Repeating Courses – Students must enroll in a minimum of 12 new credit hours each semester to qualify for TAP. Under many academic programs, repeating a course that previously received a passing grade cannot be included as part of the required credit hours for that semester when determining TAP eligibility. However, the following exceptions apply: (1) when a failed course is repeated; (2) when a grade received is passing at the institution, but is unacceptable in a particular program as stated in the college catalog by the academic department; and (3) when a course may be repeated and credit is earned each time. The Student Records and Financial Services Office determines if students are out of SAP-POP compliance as part of the TAP certification process. Students are notified of their ineligibility by the Student Records and Financial Services Office.

Withdrawal or Leave of Absence – Students who received TAP for a semester from which they withdrew or took a leave of absence and did not earn any academic credit are not considered to be fulfilling the pursuit of program requirements and would be made ineligible for TAP for the next enrollment period.

2.0 GPA – Students having received four semesters of TAP (24 payment points) must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA (out of a possible 4.0) to continue receiving TAP. This includes students who may have received TAP payments at another college prior to enrolling at Alfred State.

Sit-Out – Students who become ineligible to receive state financial aid for a semester due to poor academic performance or failure to meet pursuit of program requirements may sit out for one year. Students would then be eligible to receive the state financial aid for which they qualify upon their return. Sit-out does not apply to the TAP 2.0 requirement.

Aid to Part-Time Students (APTS) – Although part-time students are not eligible for TAP, APTS is deducted from a student’s available TAP payments. Two APTS payments (three points each) equal one TAP payment (six points).

Part-Time TAP – Similar to APTS, part-time TAP is also deducted from a student’s total available TAP payments. However, instead of using three points for each semester of part-time enrollment, points are used according to the actual number of part-time credit hours taken against the percentage of a full TAP award.

Federal Criteria/Requirements: Reviewed at the end of each semester.

Credit Hours Attempted

Completion of Credit

Minimum GPA

0 - 19

67 percent


20 - 36

67 percent


37 - 50

67 percent


over 50

67 percent


Students Receiving Federal Title IV Aid Need to Know:

Degree Completion – Students must complete their degrees or certificates within 150 percent of the normal credits required for completion. Students who change programs and are in good academic standing are considered to be at the semester level based on the number of transfer credits accepted by the new program. For any subsequent program changes or program changes due to poor academic standing all attempted hours will be considered. Example: If an AAS student needs 60 credit hours to complete a degree, he/she cannot receive aid after 90 credit hours have been attempted.

Federal Warning – Students found to be below the academic standards for federal aid eligibility will be placed on federal aid warning for one semester. Students who have not regained eligibility by the end of the warning semester will be ineligible for federal aid.

Waiver Procedures

Students who experienced extenuating circumstances that affected their academic progress resulting in the loss of their financial aid eligibility may file a waiver to appeal the SAP-POP and/or Title IV requirements. Students interested in filing for a waiver are encouraged to contact the Student Records and Financial Services Office for instructions. Waiver procedures are also provided to students in writing when they receive their notice of ineligibility.

Remedial Courses

Alfred State offers credit and noncredit remedial courses which will be counted toward the number of credit hours attempted and taken for the purpose of financial aid. However, if a passing grade is not received remedial course work will not be counted in the number of credit hours earned.

Incomplete Course Work, Withdrawals, and Repeated Course Work

Course work that has not had a grade issued will not count in credit hours earned and may impact financial aid eligibility. Withdrawal from courses that will have a grade of withdrew passing/failing will be counted in hours attempted and/or earned. Courses repeated due to a failing grade will have the highest earned grade count in hours attempted and/or earned.


Questions in regard to any of the above information can be directed to: Alfred State Student Records and Financial Services Office, 10 Upper College Drive, Alfred, NY 14802; Phone (800) 4-ALFRED; or email