Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants must possess a recognized high school diploma or its equivalent (please note that distance learning degrees/diplomas do not satisfy this requirement for New York State residents). Verification must be supplied to the Admissions Office. Home-schooled applicants should refer to the Home-Schooled Students section on page 14. Applicants with an IEP certificate/diploma will not be accepted. These students are advised to take the GED exam and earn a 2,500 or better to be considered.
  2. Individual program requirements must be satisfied as indicated. In addition, to be considered for admission into programs taught on the Alfred campus, the overall high school average must be at least a 76. For programs taught in the School of Applied Technology, Wellsville campus, the overall average must be a 74 to be considered. Applicants with averages lower than these may be considered with additional documentation. Applicants who do not meet specified program requirements but who show potential for success may be considered for admission through the Alfred State Opportunity Program (ASOP) or the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). (See page 21.)
  3. Applicants with previous college experience must submit an official college transcript(s).
  4. Standardized test score (ACT or SAT) results are required for baccalaureate (bachelor) degree programs, for some scholarship considerations, and for those students interested in intercollegiate athletics. They are not required, but are strongly encouraged, for associate degree and certificate programs as well as for applicants to the baccalaureate degree programs who have successfully completed college-level course work following high school graduation. If a student entering an associate degree or certificate program submits standardized test scores, they are used as a supplement to the educational background studied during the application review process. When multiple score reports are submitted, the highest composite score (SAT critical reading and math) is used.
  5. Additional information to explain special or extenuating circumstances is also encouraged.
  6. If a student has a gap of more than six months in his/her educational experiences, the student will be required to complete an educational gap form in order to supply information on what he/she did during that time.
  7. Financial need is not considered as part of the admissions process.
  8. Alfred State participates in one of New York State’s five local, regional Career Pathways in Tech Prep programs. Students who participate in other tech prep programs should contact the Admissions Office to ensure proper consideration of secondary courses and credit-bearing courses, if applicable.