Directory Information

Directory information (as defined by Alfred State) includes name, Alfred State email address, address and telephone number, dates of attendance, date and place of birth, college major, expected date of graduation, degrees and awards received, photographs, enrollment status, participation in officially recognized sports and activities, weights and heights of athletes, and most recent previous educational institution attended. The college can release this information without the student’s written request. However, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students have the right to refuse to permit disclosure of any or all of those items without their prior written consent. Students who prefer not to have their directory information disclosed must sign a statement so attesting. This can be done in the Student Records and Financial Services Office before 11 a.m. of the census date (last day to register) and to continue in effect, must be done each and every semester of the student’s attendance. Under FERPA, if the Student Records and Financial Services Office does not hear from a student by that time, the student’s directory information may be released.