TMGT 8112 - Tech Management Internship, 12 Credits

Level: Upper

This internship is designed to assist the student in making the transition from the classroom to industry. This integration of work allows a degree of independence and an element of learning that is not possible in a conventional classroom. The intent of the internship is to provide each student with an experiential learning opportunity in a management situation as a pre-professional supervisor or manager. Students will complete supervised field work in a selected business, industry, government or educational setting. Students carry out a planned program of education experiences under the direct supervision of an owner, manager or supervisor in their technical field or professional area. The interns will also be supervised by a faculty member who serves as Internship Coordinator. Written and oral reports, along with a journal of work activities and experiences, will be required. Evaluation will be based on the quality of experiences gained from the internship and student work performance.