PHYS 8013 - Modern Physics, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ( PHYS 2023 with D or better or PHYS 2044 with D or better or PHYS 2064 with D or better ) and ( MATH 2094 with D or better or MATH 2074 with D or better )

Level: Upper

Course Attributes: Gen Ed - Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts and Science

This is a one-semester course designed primarily for BT/BS students, but can be taken by any students who meet the pre-requisites. This course is designed to provide students with information about the discoveries made, ideas and concepts advanced, and the knowledge gained in physics during the past hundred years. Topics include: relativity, corpuscular nature, matter waves, atomic physics, quantum mechanics, quantum theory or hydrogen, many-electron atoms, molecular structure, statistical mechanics, and properties of solids. Lecture/Laboratory. This course includes lab work covering the topics listed for this course.