NURS 8002 - Informatics & Tech App in Hlth, 2 Credits

Prerequisite(s): NURS 7003 with C or better and NURS 7004 with C or better

Level: Upper

This course will focus on informatics and technology applications in the healthcare setting. The course covers the use of information systems and technologies such as telehealth, electronic health record (EHR), distance and e-learning, digital personal record, and databases. In addition, the course will explore the use of portable and personal devices such as personal digital assistant (PDA), IPOD Touch portable media player, portable computer, and other mobile platforms in the healthcare setting. The course will also address the integration of topics related to legal, ethical, and policy issues affecting information management and technology in healthcare delivery. Finally, the course will explore information technology systems as they relate to workflow and redesign in various healthcare settings to improve client outcomes. Students will offer a presentation to implement a telehealth or e-learning application in health care.