NURS 7003 - Nursing Research, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ( MATH 1123 with D or better or MATH 1113 with D or better ) and NURS 6003 with C or better and NURS 6413 with C or better

Level: Upper

This course provides the student with the opportunity to examine the role of the nurse in the generation and application of research in the healthcare domain. The course focuses on the study and analysis of research in nursing practice to optimize client outcomes. Course content includes problem formulation; identification of variables; research design and methodology; data collection and analysis; and interpretation of findings. In addition, the course will focus on how theory and research relate to evidence-based practice. The steps of the research process will have sufficient depth covered to allow for a beginning appreciation of scholarly inquiry and evaluation of selected nursing research studies. Student groups will present a topical research literature review.