NURS 4411 - Nursing IV, 11 Credit

Prerequisite(s): NURS 3311 with C+ or better or NURS 3310 with C+ or better

Level: Lower

Course Attributes: Clinical Liability Insurance

In Nursing IV, the student increases skills in applying the nursing process to a group of clients with chronic and/or critical health problems. The student develops his/her professional role as a leader and manager and is prepared for the transition from student to graduate. Nursing IV involves the student in specialty areas such as the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit and community agencies. Major health areas which are investigated include: Endocrine, Neurology, Cardiac, Respiratory, Obstetrical and Trauma Emergencies. To develop the role as a professional, the student participates in a group leader rotation and in a Manager of care rotation with freshman nursing students. Clinical experience continues to be two seven-hour days per week. A pediatric experience, public health rotation and a two day preceptorship are included. Students continue to focus on prevention and health education in the clinical and community setting. In the clinical lab, the student cares for clients in a more critical and complex situation.