NURS 3311 - Nursing III, 11 Credit

Prerequisite(s): ( NURS 2209 with C or better or NURS 2208 with C or better ) and BIOL 4254 with D or better *


Level: Lower

Course Attributes: Clinical Liability Insurance

In Nursing III, the student applies the nursing process in assessing/analyzing, planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care for one or more clients with chronic and/or critical health concerns. The student further develops his/her role as a teacher by formulating and implementing teaching plans based upon a client's individual needs. Major health concerns addressed include psychiatric problems, blood disorders, hepatic problems, immunological problems, musculoskeletal disorders, cancer, genitourinary problems, gynecological problems, neurological disorders, and acute cardiac problems. The student considers some of the major health problems of children. Further incorporation of therapeutic verbal and nonverbal communication skills is pursued in complex situations. Clinical experience is increased to two seven-hour days per week. The student begins to care for clients in more complex situations in the clinical setting. Each student completes a psychiatric rotation and a rotation to an agency for treatment of dependency disorders.