NURS 1109 - Nursing I, 9 Credits

Prerequisite(s): BIOL 1404 with C or better *

Level: Lower

Course Attributes: Clinical Liability Insurance

Nursing I is the foundation course in the nursing curriculum. Its content represents commonalities of knowledge and skills considered fundamental to subsequent nursing courses. Emphasis is placed on basic needs of an individual and how these vary, depending on their physical and emotional state and level of development. The student is introduced to the nursing process with an emphasis on assessment and planning. The student develops beginning skills in assisting patients with major health concerns to meet their basic needs. Areas of concentration include: legal/ethical responsibilities of the nurse, concepts of mental health, nutrition, growth and development, pharmacology, drug computations, and antepartal care. Communication skills, health promotion, teaching - learning and asepsis principles are incorporated throughout the course. The development of basic nursing skills begins in a structured campus lab setting and continues in the clinical lab.