MECH 8243 - Reliability Engineering, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): MATH 1123 with D or better and MECH 1641 with D or better

Level: Upper

This course covers such topics as recognizing and using the proper probability distribution to model product times to failure, the analysis of life data to determine the reliability characteristics and to achieve reliability improvement of a product or a process. Also covered are concepts and methods for the design, testing, and estimation of component and system reliabilities, reliability design and implementation, and design procedures that are necessary to insure a reliable product or process. The course also gives an in-depth knowledge about failures and failure rates; troubleshooting through failure modes, effects, and criticality analysis (FMECA); life tests, series-parallel, and standby systems; stress levels; redundancy and reliability apportionment; maintainability, availability, and safety.