MECH 1203 - Materials Science, 3 Credits

Level: Lower

This course is a first semester, freshman level course. It is a broad introductory study of the basic characteristics of engineering materials. The course will emphasize the selection of metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites for mechanical design purposes. The relationships of structure, material properties, and material selection to the design/ manufacturing process will be emphasized. The study will be enhanced by laboratory experience where the student will study mechanical testing equipment as well as chemical, mechanical and heat treatment effects on important material properties. The course will include the study of such areas as corrosion, strength, rigidity, wear resistance, thermal expansion, elasticity and plasticity principles of the common engineering materials. The course includes the use of equipment such as mechanical testing, light microscopes, electron microscopes, metallograph, furnaces and controllers. Data interpretation is also an important emphasis. The students also have substantial preparation work for the weekly labs.