HIST 5133 - Africa and the West, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): HIST 1113 with D or better

Level: Upper

Course Attributes: Gen Ed - Other World Civ, Liberal Arts and Science

This course will introduce students to the relationship between Western countries and Africa over the last five centuries and today. Particular attention will be paid to the political, economic, and cultural links established between Europe and Africa, including the imperialist occupation and exploitation of Africa by Europeans. Historical topics covered will include the slave trade; European exploration of Africa; the diaspora of Africans in the West, and of Europeans in Africa; racial attitudes; patterns of economic development and impoverishment; the political evolution of European colonial regimes in Africa; and the process of decolonization, including its political, economic, and social consequences. Contemporary topics covered will include political instability and poverty in Africa; the AIDS crisis; the legacy of colonialism and white settlement; and competing approaches to African development. Students will also be introduced to the research methods and analytical techniques used by historians and social scientists to interpret Africa's past, present, and future. All students will be required to complete an individually-negotiated final project.