GEOL 1133 - Introduction to Geology, 3 Credits

Level: Lower

Course Attributes: Liberal Arts and Science

The course is an introduction to the science of geology. In particular, the main types of rocks are analyzed with an emphasis on genetic processes and in relationship to plate tectonics theory. This basic knowledge will provide a background to understand and study the main geological risks, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and landslides. Specific examples from the Apennines mountain chain and Campanian plain will be examined to contextualize these topics in the Italian environment. In addition, a significant aim of this course is for students to gain a conscious relationship with the environment. The Campania region is an ideal place for experiential learning via site visits, with the opportunity for students to witness a wide range of geological features. The evaluation for the course will include mid term and final written exams, a presentation and graphical exercises.