FSMA 7123 - Persnl Finan Planning Capstone, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): BUAD 4203 with D or better and BUAD 4193 with D or better and BUAD 5033 with D or better * and FSMA 7023 with D or better * and FSMA 5003 with D or better * and FSMA 5103 with D or better * and FSMA 7103 with D or better *


Level: Upper

This course will engage the student in critical thinking and decision-making about personal financial management topics in the context of the financial planning process. Students can meet the objectives of this course by developing one or more comprehensive financial plans that are presented in written and oral formats. Plans may be based on prepared directed cases, prepared open-ended cases, or on actual client households. Students are exposed to cases involving a broad spectrum of financial planning issues rather than single-issue cases. Students will be required to complete two hypothetical directed cases, one written comprehensive financial plan, and an oral presentation of the comprehensive financial plan. This is the Capstone course in the financial planning curriculum.