FRSC 3001 - Topics in Forensic Science I, 1 Credit

Prerequisite(s): FRSC 2001 with C or better

Level: Lower

Topics in Forensic Science I is a one-credit course designed for Forensic Science Technology majors to be completed during their third semester of study in the academic program. This is the first in a two-semester required sequence of courses (along with FRSC 4001) for Forensic Science Technology majors. The focus of this course is to expand on topics covered during other curriculum coursework and to discuss the relevance of this coursework to forensic science. The format of the course is reading and discussion, with each student accepting responsibility for serving as a discussion leader at least once during the year. The discussion leaders' roles are to introduce a topic, provide background information about the topic, and encourage the class to offer comments and ask questions. Topics for discussion may be directly related to material discussed during other curriculum coursework or may originate from current media sources.