ENGR 4264 - Engr Mechanics of Materials, 4 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ENGR 3213 with D or better and ( MATH 2074 with D or better or MATH 2094 with D or better )

Level: Lower

This course is a calculus-based study of advanced concepts in Mechanics of Materials. It addresses the behavior of deformable mechanical components when subjected to tension, compression, torsion, flexure/bending or a combination of these loads. Extensive use is made of free body diagrams as well as Mohr's Circle for stress and strain. Experience is gained in the analysis of beam deflection, shafts in torsion, power, column buckling and thin walled pressure vessels. Analysis includes examination of stress concentrations, elastic and inelastic response, residual stresses, indeterminate structures and thermal effects. Superposition, singularity functions and theories of failure are studied. Laboratory experiences include traditional mechanical material testing and computer software applications.