ENGR 4004 - Circuit Analysis II, 4 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ENGR 3004 with D or better and MATH 6114 with D or better

Level: Lower

This course covers AC circuit analysis beginning with the study of sinusoidal steady-state solutions for circuits in the time domain. Nodal, loop and mesh methods of AC circuit analyses and the Thevenin, Norton and Superposition theorems are applied to the complex plane. AC power, transformers, mutual induction, three-phase circuits and two-port networks are introduced and used for analysis. Laplace and Fourier Transforms and the Fourier Series are applied to circuit analyses. Complex frequency analysis is introduced to enable discussion of transfer functions, frequency dependent behavior, resonance phenomenon and simple filter circuits. The laboratory incorporates use of manual and computer-controlled equipment and simulation software to reinforce lecture concepts.