EMET 3423 - Electromechanical Analysis, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): MATH 1063 with D or better or MATH 1084 with D or better and MECH 2603 with D or better

Level: Lower

The course is an integrating experience of mechanisms and instrumentation. The course will emphasize applications of material learned involving statics, dynamics and strength of materials and will introduce the students to vibrations. The integration of these subjects will be enhanced through the laboratory experience offered in co-requisite EMET 3421 where the student will study different mechanisms with the aid of transducers and instrumentation. The course will include the study of levers, links, slide mechanisms, cams, scotch yoke and the principles of force, torque, velocity, acceleration, inertia and friction. The course will use the principles of Equilibrium and Work-Energy along with Newton's Second Law to examine a variety of problems.