ELTR 3326 - Magnetic Motor Controls, 6 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ELTR 2156 with D or better and ELTR 2166 with D or better and ELTR 2176 with D or better

Level: Lower

This course is designed to teach foundational concepts of motors and motor control. Safe work practices and code compliment procedures will be reinforced. The student will be introduced to the basic circuits, devices and components used in their control; advanced circuits of alternating, sequencing, latching, and time delay operations of motor control will be presented. The lab will progressively lead the student to a basic understanding of individual control devices. The student will apply the basic knowledge and safety protocol towards integration into a totally automated system using magnetic and solid state controls. Throughout all projects, from basic to fully automated systems, the student will be taught troubleshooting techniques of industrial motor controls. Students will be evaluated to assess their troubleshooting skills and techniques within the lab practicums.