ELTR 2176 - Residential Wiring Lab II B, 6 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ELTR 1156 with D or better * and ELTR 1166 with D or better * and ELTR 1176 with D or better *

Corequisite(s): ELTR 2156 ELTR 2166

Level: Lower

The lab emphasizes the application of the complete wiring system used for residential applications. Students will be required to complete several types of services, such as riser, mast, conduit and cable installations. Students will complete their freshman capstone project, which requires each student to redraw a two story residential home to scale. They will then perform the design work and layout all of the wiring required by the National Electrical Code and ensuring that it will meet the minimum adequacy requirements of a prospective homeowner. Students will then complete a spreadsheet containing all the components with their complete descriptions that are necessary to complete the Capstone project. Schematic and wiring diagrams are required for each circuit and outside of lab, report and analysis writing is necessary.