ELTR 2156 - Residential Wiring II, 6 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ELTR 1156 with D or better * and ELTR 1166 with D or better * and ELTR 1176 with D or better *

Corequisite(s): ELTR 2166 ELTR 2176

Level: Lower

Understanding and interpretation of the National Electrical Code requirements for residential branch circuits are covered in detail. Practical considerations for the economic and adequate distribution of electrical energy are discussed, as well as the adequacy of circuit design. Reading and interpreting floor plan drawings as they relate to all trades is taught. Power calculations along with all N.E.C. and utility company requirements for the installation of any type of residential service are covered. Conduit wiring methods are covered as well as all related National Electrical Code requirements. Substantial time is spent performing the mathematical calculations utilized for designing, laying out and bending conduit. Students are required to perform all tasks in a neat craftsman-like manner. Emphasis is placed on the reasonings of why workmanship is important.