ELET 5414 - Network Design & Implmntation, 4 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ELET 5224 with D or better

Level: Upper

This course teaches students through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, textbook exercises, and labs the skills and abilities necessary to design an Active Directory and network infrastructure that meets the technical and business requirements of an organization. Understanding the design process, the required components, and the integration of technologies are key elements in this course. This course also covers networking terminology, national and international standards relating to networks, the fundamentals of network transmission methods, network topologies, network protocols, and network architecture. The course will also include the hardware, design and configuration, troubleshooting and administration of the directory services and network infrastructure portion of LAN and WAN (Local-Area- Network and Wide-Area-Network) systems. The completion of laboratory projects will develop the student's professional skills in network design and implementation. This will lead to further study of networking or employment. Each lab is structured as a team project which will enhance the student's ability to function in a design team.