DGMA 7106 - Senior Studio Project I, 6 Credits

Prerequisite(s): ( CIAT 6203 with C or better or DGMA 6203 with C or better ) and ( CIAT 6403 with C or better or DGMA 6403 with C or better )

Level: Upper

This is a cumulative two-part course where students will integrate aspects from their studies of the previous three years. Students will use this semester to create one of the following: a 3D animated film; a 2D animated film; an Experimental Animation film (Stop Motion, Mixture of 2D and 3D animation or a fully Interactive/Informative Media project). Students will produce all pre-production work including proposal, storyboards and animatics. Students will also produce all post-production work including editing, sound mixing and final delivery format (CD, VHS, and/or DVD) prior to a film screening in the spring semester.