CTRP 4634 - Proc for Reporters & Captioner, 4 Credits

Prerequisite(s): CTRP 3163 with C or better

Level: Lower

The procedures course is an introduction of court and realtime reporting procedures and practices for the court reporter including: professional responsibilities of federal and state court systems; civil and criminal trials; logistics of reporting (marking exhibits, research and references, filing notes, invoicing, indexing, delivery of transcripts); reporting techniques (interruption of speaker, identification of speaker, swear or affirm witness or interpreter, report with an interpreter, voir dire, etc.) and methods of transcript production. This course includes a description and discussion of the role of the captioner and CART provider. Included in the course will be a simulation of trial and deposition where the student will take the part of the reporter and administer the oath, mark exhibits, and perform other responsibilities the court reporter should be aware of. Also, students will be required to apply professional ethics to various situations and identify and use appropriate library and reference material used in transcript preparation including software and Internet search engines. Students will also be required to simulate and transcribe the National Court Reporter's Association Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) test as well as the Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) test. Discussion of NCRA Code of Professional Ethics will be included.