CTRP 4365 - Speed Bldg III for Reptr & Cap, 5 Credits

Prerequisite(s): CTRP 4265 with C or better

Level: Lower

This course is a continuation of Speed Building II for Reporters and Captioners. The student will continue to learn to write, read, and transcribe the spoken word by means of a conflict-free, realtime-ready shorthand theory. The course dictation includes two-voice and multi-voice testimony (including medical and technical material), literary, jury, charge and current events. Captioning students must be able to write three 5-minute takes of literary material at 180 wpm with 96 percent accuracy or higher. In addition, captioning students must write a 30-minute broadcast news program with an accuracy of 96 percent or better. Students are required to perform a line-by-line edit/analysis of steno notes. Testing material used for speed takes will be given at incremental speeds on unfamiliar material; the same material will not be used more than once every six months. Students will be required to transcribe steno notes and speed takes under institutional supervision or, if internet students, sign a sworn verification form stating that the work was completed without the aid of anyone present and without cheating. Speed takes shall be monitored and timed in the same way. Students are required to transcribe at least once a week. All speed takes and tests shall be deleted immediately. Internet students must sign a sworn statement verifying that the material has been deleted from their computers and no backup has been made. Students shall have access to the minimum grading criteria as set forth by the NCRA. Successful completion of the course requires a grade of C" or better. Students must be able to pass three 5-minute dictations with 95% accuracy in each of the following areas: Q & A at 225 wpm