CTRP 2603 - Persnl Dictionary Prod & Maint, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): CTRP 1174 with C or better and CTRP 2274 with C or better

Level: Lower

This course will be an extension of the material learned in the Computer Aided Transcription course (CTRP 3373) and is a direct application of the realtime techniques learned in the Realtime Writing Theory I course (CTRP 1174). The topics to be covered will include personal dictionaries; update area; D-Defines, J-Defines, and E-Defines, job dictionaries; power defines; phonetic tables; how to insert, modify, and delete entries; filtering dictionary; printing dictionary, backing up and restoring dictionaries, and dictionary maintenance. Students will build and maintain their personal dictionary by adding new entries throughout the course.