CTRP 1174 - Realtime Writing Theory I, 4 Credits

Level: Lower

Realtime Writing Theory I teaches students how to write the spoken word with punctuation by means of a conflict-free, realtime-ready shorthand theory and provide instantaneous translation. It includes the use of on-line computer-aided technology and teacher interaction; live practice dictation for speed and accuracy; read back and analysis of shorthand notes. Weekly speed takes will be given at incremental speeds on unfamiliar material; the same material will not be used more than once every six months. NCRA requirements include the following: students are required to transcribe steno notes and speed takes under timed institutional supervision or if Internet students sign a sworn verification form stating that the work was completed without the aid of anyone present and without cheating. Speed takes shall be monitored and timed in the same way. Students are required to transcribe at least once a week. All speed takes and tests shall be deleted immediately. Internet students must sign a sworn statement verifying the material has been deleted from their computers and no backup has been made. Students shall have access to the minimum grading criteria as set forth by the NCRA requirements. Minimum speeds of 50 words per minute on unfamiliar material with 95 percent accuracy are required for passing the course.