CISY 7003 - Project Management, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): CISY 1003 with D or better or CISY 1023 with D or better or CISY 1113 with D or better or CISY 1123 with D or better or BUAD 5053 with D or better

Level: Upper

A comprehensive approach to project management tools and applications in an interdisciplinary and global environment. Emphasizing concepts, techniques, and principles associated with project management, this course is vital to students entering the IT management field. The course will focus on the changes in the computing environment including hardware, software, and networking. Students will be able to plan, schedule, budget, estimate, control, and monitor projects. In addition, they will become familiar with resource allocation, resource loading, CPM, CMM, GANTT, and PERT. The use of project management software will be a major component of the course.