CHEM 1114 - General Chemistry I, 4 Credits

Level: Lower

Course Attributes: Gen Ed - Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts and Science

This course is designed for science majors particularly focused in the health or agricultural areas who have had high school chemistry. It can be a terminal course in chemistry for those seeking an AAS in veterinary technology. Topical coverage includes: metric units and conversions, atomic theory, periodicity, electronic bonding models (Lewis, Pauling, Gillespie VSEPR), inorganic nomenclature, inorganic reactions (metathesis, acid-base, redox), stoichiometry and the mole concept, gas laws, phase transitions (phase diagrams, cooling curves, critical phenomena, heat capacities, intermolecular interactions), equilibrium (calculations involving K, Le Chatelier's principle) and elementary kinetics (Arrhenius model).