BUAD 3114 - Intl Tourism: Ital Food & Geog, 4 Credits

Level: Lower

The course presents concepts of tourism relating to food and geography, using Italy as its example. The course is relevant to students of all backgrounds but was designed specifically for students of hospitality, business, and culinary arts. Students will study international organizations operating in tourism (i.e. WTO) and the different types of tourism, with particular attention paid to sustainable tourism. Students will be asked to investigate the tourism geography of Italy, becoming familiar with the most important tourist sites in Italy and Campania (through several excursions). The third module of the course will be dedicated to a very important kind of tourism in Italy and of the Campania: Food and Wine Tourism. Students are expected to actively participate and contribute to class discussion. Students will learn about marketing and/or sales activities connected with the promotion of tourism in Italy and Campania. These activities will introduce marketing research and advertising, promotional campaign organization, and media relations.