BIOL 2633 - Histotechniques, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): BIOL 1104 with D or better or BIOL 1404 with D or better or BIOL 1114 with D or better or ANSC 1214 with D or better or VETS 2014 with D or better

Level: Lower

An applied and theoretical technology course which provides instruction and hands-on experiences in the preparation of tissues for microscopic examination by paraffin, and frozen section and smear techniques. Normal and diseased animal and plant tissues will be used to provide the students an opportunity to use a variety of techniques involved in processing tissues. Tissue identification and classification will be discussed as it relates to preparation procedures. Care, maintenance, and use of instrumentation in tissue preparation will be stressed. One-hour lecture and 2 two-hour laboratories per week with significant additional supervised time spent in the lab by students.