BIOL 1101 - Topics in General Biology, 1 Credit

Corequisite(s): BIOL 1104

Level: Lower

A one-credit hour course to supplement the General Biology (BIOL 1104) course for biology majors. The focus of this course is to expand on topics discussed during the lecture/laboratory portions of BIOL 1104 and to discuss current topics of interest to biology students. The format of the course is reading and discussion. Each participant will be responsible for being a discussion leader at least once during the semester. The discussion leader's role is to introduce the topic, provide background information about the subject, and encourage the group to offer comments and ask questions. Topics for discussion may be directly related to lecture material or may originate from current media sources, as long as that topic was already introduced in the BIOL 1104 class lecture or lab and the students have some familiarity with the subjects.