ARCH 8733 - Modern Architectural Theory, 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): FNAT 5303 with C or better and ( ARCH 8306 with B or better or CIAT 8306 with B or better )

Level: Upper

This seminar introduces the student to theories and criticisms of contemporary architecture from the beginnings of the Bauhaus to the issues of contemporary practice. The course is designed to be interactive and will consist of discussion, writing assignments, in class exercises and presentations. Students, singularly and in groups of two, will have the responsibility of initiating weekly discussion of the assigned readings. In class discourse includes discussion and analysis of the central arguments and conclusions of the theoretical constructs presented in the piece. Students will prepare a term paper from selected readings analyzing the author's position and prepare a response that either supports or opposes the stance. A brief oral presentation will accompany the term paper to engage classmates and invited guests in critical commentary.