ARCH 1184 - Design Fundamentals 1, 4 Credits

Prerequisite(s): COMP 1503 with D or better * and ( MATH 1033 with D or better * or MATH 1034 with D or better * or MATH 1054 with D or better * or MATH 1063 with D or better * )

Level: Lower

An introduction to fundamental design, architectural design drawing and applied drawing techniques. Students are introduced in lecture to design and drawing principles, techniques and conventions used to develop and communicate architectural ideas. Lab assignments emphasize the relationship between drawing and three-dimensional form and space, and include exercises in basic design and model-making. Topics include principles of design and architectural theory, observational sketching, depicting light, texture and depth, analytical drawing, orthographic and paraline projection systems, and professional standards for layout, lettering, use of line weights, and dimensioning of architectural drawings.