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Minority Internship Opportunities

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INROADS/Upstate New York, Inc. has secured summer internship opportunities with companies such as, UTC Carrier, Lockheed Martin, Xerox, Pfizer, Kraft Foods, Anheuser Busch, Bank of America, and Upstate Medical University for students majoring in the following areas: finance, business, accounting, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, mathematics, and allied healthcare.

Eligibility: African American, Hispanic, and Native American descent. 3.0 minimum GPA is required for Upstate New York. Full-time undergraduate with at least 2 summers or 54 credit hours remaining after spring semester with a minimum GPA of 2.8 are eligible to apply.
Deadline for Applications: Applications should be completed between Aug. 1 and April 15
Contact Info: www.inroads.org

NASCAR Diversity Internship Program

Students will be able to apply to an internship most suitable to their interest from engineering to marketing and more. Interns are full-time employees during the terms of their involvement with participating companies and will receive competitive salary/wages as well as a housing stipend if not local. Locations vary from opportunity to opportunity and each participating company is asked to provide assistance to the student in finding summer housing. By the end of the summer experience, not only will an intern gain valuable work skills, but they also will have made important connections for their future careers.

Eligibility: Eligible candidates must have completed their sophomore year of college, enrolled full-time with a 3.0 cumulative GPA, involved in the community, and able to work in the United States. Please refer to the requirements section of the application for more details.
Deadline for Applications: Postmarked by March 1
Contact Info: www.diversityinternships.com

New York State Housing Finance Agency

Recognizing that internships are often the foundation of informed career choices, the Minority Internship Program was established in 1990. These internships are an established point of entry into the business of public finance. Each year, four interns are selected for a year-long program, which includes two six-month terms. The first term is spent working at the New York State Housing Finance Agency on single and multifamily debt issuance, real estate finance, and mortgage insurance issues. For the second six-month term, interns will work at one of the co-sponsoring (Bear, Stearns & Co., Morgan Stanley, Citigroup Global Markets Inc., and UBS Financial Services, Inc.) private sector firms where they function as analysts in these and other related areas.

Eligibility: Minority students who have or expect to receive a baccalaureate degree prior to the start of the internship. The program is available only to New York State residents. Quantitative ability, as demonstrated in courses such as economics, business administration, or mathematics, is important, but it is not necessary to have majored in one of these areas. Successful candidates should have an interest in finance, be familiar with governmental institutions, and have the willingness to work long hours. The salary for the one-year internship is $40,000 plus medical benefits.
Deadline for Applications: March 1
Contact Info: http://www.nyhomes.org/AboutUs/InternshipProgram.htm