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Students learn self-defense in Rape Aggression Defense class

Posted Date: Thursday, November 17, 2016 - 13:00

Empowering young women with the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves in the event of an attack, Alfred State recently held its first Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) class.

The course was hosted by the University Police Department and taught by Officer Corwin Mackney and Campus Public Safety Officer Jennifer Chiaino, both of whom are nationally certified RAD instructors.

The RAD class is a comprehensive, women-only course that focuses on self-awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and risk avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. The course includes educational components composed of lecture, discussion, and physical resistance strategies. The goal of the program is to develop and enhance a woman's options for self-defense, giving her viable options if she is ever attacked.

Students learned by participating in a series of hands-on, realistic, self-defense tactics and reinforcing the power of the voice. RAD is not a martial arts program. This course was split into two- and three-hour sessions held over a six-week period, which provided flexibility for the busy college students.

Mackney said, “This was a great first RAD program for Alfred State. We enjoyed working with the women to educate them and teach them a variety of self-defense techniques. They were all very receptive to what the instructors had to say. I was pleased that the students learned the techniques we were teaching, but also had fun in the process. The students began the class as individuals, but ended as friends, and that was great to see.”

Alfred State Chief of Police Matthew Heller said Mackney and Chiaino expressed interest in bringing a RAD program to Alfred State more than a year ago.

“They have both invested time and resources into this initial RAD course and are looking forward to building upon it,” he said. “As the program moves forward they would like to see a mix of Alfred State, Alfred University, and local community members in the classes. Corwin and Jennifer both have a genuine interest in the safety of the young women on our campuses and in our communities.”

Lauren Marzolf, a veterinary technology major from Lansing, said the instructors were able to cover “a very touchy subject” and make the class very enjoyable.

“The class challenged me a bit, but it taught me that there were a lot of things I could do physically and mentally,” she said. “I enjoyed the class very much, and I met a new group of friends. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a self-defense course or just wanting something to do for a few hours every few weeks.”

Morgan Sliker, a forensic science technology student from Dansville, said, “I really enjoyed learning these techniques and it makes me feel much safer knowing I have these tools for future reference. I had a ton of fun in this course, the instructors were incredible and encouraging, and I would love to continue with training or come back in the future. I definitely recommend RAD to other women. It is better to be safe than sorry and some extra skills on how to protect yourself are always a good idea.”

Emily Stilson, a diagnostic medical sonography major from Canisteo, said the course was extremely valuable to her and is great for all ages.

“The techniques were simple and easy to remember; perfect for an emergency situation,” she said. “I truly think that everyone should take the course. They won’t regret it.”

students and instructors at Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) class
Front row, from left, Lauren Marzolf (veterinary technology, Lansing), Morgan
Sliker (forensic science technology, Dansville), and Yulidal Hernandezkin
(liberal arts and sciences: social science, Bronx); and second row, from left,
Campus Public Safety Officer Jennifer Chiaino, Danisha Johnson
(architectural technology, Geneva), Julia Schlenker (radiologic technology,
Bloomfield), Elizabeth Addante (diagnostic medical sonography, Fairport),
Emily Stilson (diagnostic medical sonography, Canisteo), and Officer Corwin

Upon completion, the students received a workbook/reference manual. The manual outlines the entire program for reference and continuous personal growth.

Participants who complete the program are eligible for RAD Systems' Lifetime Return and Practice Policy, allowing them free acceptance to any class held in the United States or Canada for additional practice and education. This program is a great opportunity for women of all skill levels.

The University Police Department will be conducting another free RAD class during the spring semester. Although this class was composed of all Alfred State students, Mackney encourages any women interested in future classes to contact him for information at macknecj@alfredstate.edu.

RISE program earns Alfred State Community Partner of the Year award

Posted Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 15:00

As a result of the impact that Alfred State’s Reaching Individual Success in Education (RISE) program has had on young adults with intellectual disabilities, ACHIEVE Career Consultants recently presented the college with its 2016 Community Partner of the Year award. 

This honor is given to a community agency who has partnered with the Allegany Arc in the mission of providing support to and creating opportunities for community members with special needs, with the goal of helping them build better lives for the future. ACHIEVE, which is a division of Allegany Arc, provides multiple avenues for individuals to prepare for and become successful members of the workforce community. 

Melanie Ryan, several ACHIEVE employees, and students in the college’s RISE program
Melanie Ryan, Alfred State coordinator of Student Disability Services and campus liaison to the
RISE program, far right, holds the 2016 Community Partner of the Year award presented to
Alfred State by ACHIEVE Career Consultants. Also pictured are several ACHIEVE employees,
as well as students in the college’s RISE program.

Alfred State’s RISE program focuses on creating a unique educational experience that nurtures students’ social and academic growth. Students are given access to a variety of experiential learning opportunities through service learning, work study, mentoring, and internships. 

RISE centers on academic instruction, employment experiences through work-based learning, and social and independent living. In the program, Alfred State students serve as peer mentors to the participants as they assimilate into the college environment, audit college classes, and explore their personal goals. 

Melanie Ryan, Alfred State coordinator of Student Disability Services and campus liaison to the RISE program, said she was very honored to accept the award on behalf of the college and that the program was recognized in this way. 

“The students and staff involved with this program are wonderful to work with,” she said. “I am delighted with the success of the RISE program here at Alfred State and look forward to celebrating our first graduating class from this program this spring.”

ACES celebrating 70th anniversary

Posted Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 11:00

Reinvention is the key to longevity in business if Alfred State’s Auxiliary Campus Enterprises and Service Inc. (ACES) is any example. This fall, the company is celebrating its 70th year in business.

At ACES, reinvention means that every fall the company has to renew itself to appeal to its new crop of customers. ACES is a not-for-profit company that supports the education mission of Alfred State.

“College students always want the latest and greatest innovations in services, it’s really human nature,” explained ACES Executive Director David Sengstock. “What is fun about our company is that we have to anticipate the services they want and then deliver them with excellence. This challenge keeps us young.”

ACES provides dining services, campus bookstores, transportation, vending, and laundry services at Alfred State. The organization also owns and manages the Lake Lodge in Alfred Station.

As a partner of Alfred State, ACES plays a critical role in attracting the best students to the college. Last year, the company provided more than 500 scholarships for area high school students who meet academic criteria. ACES annually provides additional educational support for the college, including help for the peer tutoring program and the culinary arts program among others.

Sara Weller, accounts payable clerk, receives her commemorative 70th anniversary pin from ACES Director of Human Resources Christina Loper.
Sara Weller, accounts payable clerk, receives her commemorative 70th anniversary pin from
ACES Director of Human Resources Christina Loper.

“Our remarkable longevity can be attributed to our ability to stay nimble and our long-standing commitment to the college,” Sengstock explained.

As a 70-year-old company, ACES relies on a stable, flexible, and well-trained workforce to keep moving forward.

“It’s important to note that our employees -- many, many of whom have worked for us for over 20 years -- are critical to our company and to our student customers. It is our dedicated full-time staff who helps us become a new company every year,” stated ACES Director of Human Resources Christina Loper. “They are completely dedicated to our students. We get to know our student customers and love and nurture them as they move through their college experience.”

On Nov. 17, ACES will celebrate this major milestone throughout the day with prizes and gifts for lucky students. Employees will receive a special token as well. A celebration cake, crafted by Alfred State culinary arts: baking, production & management students from Wellsville, will cap off the festivities at the Terrace in Central Dining Hall during dinner on the Alfred campus.

Alfred State named to Victory Media’s 2017 Military Friendly® Schools List

Posted Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 10:15

military friendly '17 logoAlfred State is proud to announce that it has earned the 2017 Military Friendly® School designation by Victory Media, publisher of G.I. Jobs®, STEM Jobs SM, and Military Spouse.

First published in 2009, Military Friendly® Schools is the most comprehensive, powerful resource for veterans today. Each year, the list of Military Friendly® Schools is provided to service members and their families, helping them select the best college, university, or trade school to receive the education and training needed to pursue a civilian career.

Institutions earning the Military Friendly® School designation were evaluated using both public data sources and responses from Victory Media’s proprietary survey. More than 1,600 schools participated in the 2017 survey; 1,160 were awarded with the designation.

Ratings methodology, criteria, and weightings were determined by Victory Media with input from the Military Friendly® Advisory Council of independent leaders in the higher education and military recruitment community. Final ratings were determined by combining the institution’s survey scores with the assessment of the institution’s ability to meet thresholds for Student Retention, Graduation, Job Placement, Loan Repayment, Persistence (Degree Advancement or Transfer) and Loan Default rates for all students and, specifically, for student veterans.

Dr. Skip Sullivan, president of Alfred State, said, “Our college is proud to be named a Military Friendly® School for the seventh straight year, and to be recognized for our commitment to providing veterans and their families with the means and resources they need to achieve their educational and professional goals. Alfred State is grateful for the service and sacrifice of our military men and women, and we will always extend a warm welcome to them and their loved ones.”

According to Daniel Nichols, a Navy Reserve veteran and chief product officer at Victory Media, “Our ability to apply a clear, consistent standard to the majority of colleges gives veterans a comprehensive view of which schools are striving to provide the best opportunities and conditions for our nation’s student veterans. Military Friendly® helps military families make the best use of the Post-9/11 GI Bill and other federal benefits while allowing us to further our goal of assisting them in finding success in their chosen career fields.”

For more information about the commitment to attracting and supporting military students, visit the veterans web page.

Alfred State will be showcased along with other 2017 Military Friendly® Schools in the annual Guide to Military Friendly® Schools, special education issues of G.I. Jobs® and Military Spouse Magazine, and on militaryfriendly.com.

Employers rate Alfred State business grads a wise investment

Posted Date: Monday, November 14, 2016 - 13:45

For students enrolled in any of the 70-plus majors at Alfred State, the hands-on learning and real-world experiences they receive help give them a competitive edge when it comes time to enter the workforce. 

The college’s reputation for producing job-ready candidates continues to spread, and many employers are finding graduates from the Business Department eager and ready to contribute to their teams. 

After hiring graduates with a degree in business administration, Trish Ryall with The Partners Insurance & Financial Services concluded that her company “found them to be very well prepared, professional, and ready to work.” 

When evaluating sport management graduates who joined his team, Rob Gilchrist, CEO of Hornell YMCA said, “They come to us prepared and passionate about serving our community.” 

Level Financial Advisors out of Amherst, also recently welcomed two members of the Alfred State family to its ranks, hiring former professor Winfred Jacob as a senior financial advisor, and soon-to-be December graduate Alanna Conciardo as a financial planning associate. 

Conciardo, a financial planning major from Buffalo, is the third Alfred State student to be hired at Level Financial Advisors, joining 2007 financial planning grads Steven Elwell, originally from Arkport, and Paul Coleman, an Almond native. She recently completed a 14-week internship at Level as part of the requirements to obtain her degree. 

According to Danielle Green, chair of the Business Department at Alfred State, the college’s financial planning program is one of four majors within the department that requires an internship experience to graduate. All of the department’s programs, however, expose students to the hands-on experience employers look for, through coursework, internships, and more. 

“We consistently hear that our students are entering the workforce prepared and armed with the skills necessary to be successful,” Green said. “Oftentimes, our students are hired directly out of their internships for full-time positions. We hear that our students are quick learners, and willing to take on new challenges as they arise.” 

Alanna Conciardo
Alanna Conciardo, a financial planning major from
Buffalo, has become the third Alfred State student hired
at Amherst-based Level Financial Advisors, which is
taking notice of the college for producing quality,
job-ready graduates.

In addition to their classes and internships, business students at Alfred State are receiving valuable experiences through the college’s chapter of the Business Professionals of America, as well as educational field trips. Recently, business students attended the Financial Planning Association’s (FPA) Annual Conference in Baltimore, where they were able to expand their knowledge and network with industry professionals, and also received expert advice on retirement planning at an FPA event in Rochester. 

All of these experiences and opportunities are paying off, literally, for both the students and their employers. Michael Heburn, chief operating officer at Level Financial Advisors, said as a growing advisory firm, Level is frequently on the lookout for great new talent to add to their workforce, and that Alfred State is the first place they begin their search. 

“Two of our CFP® professionals came from the Alfred State financial planning program, including one of our partners,” he said, referring to Elwell and Coleman. “Most recently, we added Alanna Conciardo and we couldn’t be more pleased with her results as an intern. What I find in all of these individuals is a level of preparedness and capability that is truly unique. The college produces high-quality, confident professionals who are ready to contribute from the minute they join the workforce."

MacKenzie Makeover ‘moving along smoothly’

Posted Date: Monday, November 14, 2016 - 13:15

After only about a month since renovations to the MacKenzie Complex began, great progress is already being made in the effort to transform the building into the largest and most modern residence hall within the State University of New York system.

According to Glenn Brubaker, director of Facilities Operations, the demolition work on phase one of the MacKenzie Makeover project is about 60 percent complete after the physical work on the facility started in early October.

“So far, the project is moving along smoothly, as we are just getting underway. The satellite boiler project for the entire MacKenzie Complex is also underway, with DASNY (Dormitory Authority of the State of New York) and the consultants coordinating the two projects to create a symbiotic relationship for both of them,” said Brubaker, referring to the college’s boiler decentralization effort, which involves eliminating campus buildings’ dependency on the college’s main heating plant through the installation of new, more efficient condensing boilers.

The first phase of the MacKenzie Makeover involves renovating the East Tower to create a new entrance and gathering spaces for students on each floor, while reinventing the Central Quad to create an attractive core for the 1,200-student residence hall that is warm, welcoming, and feels like an extension of one’s own home. The quad’s design includes a 35-foot-tall atrium with the light illuminating natural surfaces of rock and wood throughout.

President Dr. Skip Sullivan at the MacKenzie Complex wearing a hard helmet and holding a hammer
The MacKenzie Makeover project is underway and making great progress. Pictured is
President Dr. Skip Sullivan at the MacKenzie Complex soon after the physical work on
the building began in early October.

Phase one, Brubaker said, is expected to be completed by Nov. 30, 2017. He said the design of phase two is currently underway, which entails completing work on MacKenzie East, such as renovating row house 8 and Tower G.

“Also, all of MacKenzie South will be renovated,” Brubaker said. “This includes row houses 9, 10, and 11, and Towers H and J. Construction for phase two is tentatively scheduled to begin in May 2018.”