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Professors, Alfred State Honors Program students discuss Trump presidency

Posted Date: Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 10:15
Honors students gather with their professors
Pictured are Alfred State Honors Program students, along with Alfred State Assistant Professor Dr. Rex Olson, first from the left,
and Alfred University Emeritus Professor Dr. Robert Heineman, farthest right.

The Alfred State Honors Program partnered with the college’s Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences recently to host “President Donald Trump: The First 60 Days,” a conversation with Dr. Robert Heineman, emeritus professor at Alfred University, and Dr. Rex Olson, assistant professor at Alfred State.

Last fall, these same professors presented a discussion on candidates Trump and Hillary Clinton one week before the election, when many predicted a win for Clinton. The recent seminar focused on Trump’s surprise victory and his use of executive orders, including the controversial immigration orders.

An energized audience of students kept both Heineman and Olson busy commenting on the president’s actions thus far and hypothesizing on his future actions.

Free soil pH clinic at Alfred State set for April 28

Posted Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 15:15
Two students work in soil class
Alfred State students will host a free pH clinic for the
community April 28.

Students in the soils class at Alfred State will hold a free pH clinic for the community from 2:30-5:30 p.m. Friday, April 28 in room 103 of the Agriculture Science Building on the Alfred campus.

Community members are encouraged to bring up to four sandwich-bag-sized soil samples for pH measurement, as well as texture determination (approximate amount of sand, silt and clay). Student and faculty advisers will be on hand to assist community members in interpreting their results for specific garden or landscaping needs.

If unable to attend the event, community members are encouraged to drop off or mail samples to Agriculture and Veterinary Technology Department Lecturer Jessica Hutchison, 123B Agriculture Building, Agriculture and Veterinary Technology Department, 10 Upper College Drive, Alfred, NY 14802.

If mailing or dropping off samples, please ensure that samples arrive prior to the end of the event. Contact Hutchison at HutchiJM@alfredstate.edu or 607-587-3616 regarding any questions.

Schools compete at Alfred State for 2017 SkillsUSA Postsecondary Championship

Posted Date: Monday, April 3, 2017 - 15:15
The gold medalists pose for picture
Pictured are the gold medal winners from the 2017 SkillsUSA New York State
Leadership and Skills Conference Postsecondary Championship, which was held
on Alfred State’s Wellsville campus. From left to right are Bradley Layton (SUNY
Delhi), Maxwell Morrell (Alfred State), Andrea Koston (Alfred State), Brandon Cline
(Alfred State), Jocelyn Carns (Culinary Institute of America), Nicholas Most (Alfred
State), Lindsey Hall (Alfred State), Michael Burdick (Alfred State), and Jacob Knapp
(Alfred State). Cole Smith (Alfred State) and Richard Baer (Alfred State) not present.

The 2017 SkillsUSA New York State Leadership and Skills Conference Postsecondary Championship, held on Alfred State’s Wellsville campus, pitted 50 students from three schools against each other in one of the nation’s most prestigious showcases of career and technical aptitude on Saturday, March 25. 

Schools competing this year included State University of New York (SUNY) at Alfred State, the State University of New York (SUNY) at Delhi, and the Culinary Institute of America. All competitions took place on the School of Applied Technology campus in Wellsville. 

Contests begin locally and continue through the state and national levels. The SkillsUSA state winners are eligible to compete in the 53rd National SkillsUSA Championship, held in Louisville, KY, June 19-23. More than 6,000 students compete in 100 occupational and leadership skill areas. 

Winners from the March 25 championship, by competition, are as follows: 


THIRD PLACE winning the BRONZE MEDAL:  Matt Caraher, Cicero (Alfred State)

SECOND PLACE winning the SILVER MEDAL: Anthony Black, Alfred (Alfred State)

FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Jacob Knapp, Dansville (Alfred State) 


THIRD PLACE winning the BRONZE MEDAL: Joe Millspaw, Findley Lake (Alfred State)

SECOND PLACE winning the SILVER MEDAL: Christopher Dean, Manchester (Alfred State)

FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Michael Burdick, Webster (Alfred State) 


THIRD PLACE winning the BRONZE MEDAL: Chris Stevenson, Binghamton (Alfred State)

SECOND PLACE winning the SILVER MEDAL: Dakota Matthie, Madrid (Alfred State)

FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Nicholas Most, Endicott (Alfred State) 


THIRD PLACE winning the BRONZE MEDAL: Megan Farr, Bath (Alfred State)

SECOND PLACE winning the SILVER MEDAL: Alicia Sailer-Dolan, Geneseo (Alfred State)

FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Andrea Koston, Rochester (Alfred State) 


THIRD PLACE winning the BRONZE MEDAL:  Yveline Vergin, Brooklyn (Alfred State)

SECOND PLACE winning the SILVER MEDAL: Jonathan Korn, Poughkeepsie (Culinary Institute)

FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Jocelyn Carns, Perrysburg, OH (Culinary Institute) 


FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Maxwell Morrell, Sanborn (Alfred State) 


THIRD PLACE winning the BRONZE MEDAL: Ryan Dunkle, Orchard Park (Alfred State)

SECOND PLACE winning the SILVER MEDAL: Ethan Yanda, Wayland (Alfred State)

FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Cole Smith, Collins (Alfred State) 


THIRD PLACE winning the BRONZE MEDAL: Brenton Yager, Falconer (Alfred State) 

SECOND PLACE winning the SILVER MEDAL: Mitchell Carr, Campbell (Alfred State)

FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Brandon Cline, Belmont (Alfred State) 


FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL:  Richard Baer, Olean (Alfred State)


THIRD PLACE winning the BRONZE MEDAL: James Fyock, Bliss (Alfred State) 

SECOND PLACE winning the SILVER MEDAL: Jake Ingalls, Cuba (Alfred State)

FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Lindsey Hall, Wellsville (Alfred State) 


FIRST PLACE winning the GOLD MEDAL: Bradley Layton, Oneonta (Delhi) 

Alfred State to host Performing Arts Week April 23-29

Posted Date: Monday, April 3, 2017 - 14:15

In celebration of the rich history and legacy of performing arts at Alfred State, the college’s Department of Performing Arts will be hosting a weeklong series of events from April 23-29.

Performing Arts Week will kick off with the Annual Alumni Choral Concert at 2 p.m. April 23 in the Cappadonia Auditorium in the Orvis Activities Center. The next four days will have rehearsals that will be open to all alumni who wish to participate. The week concludes with the combined vocal/instrumental spring concert on April 29, followed by the annual Performing Arts banquet.

Director of Instrumental Music and Coordinator of Performing Arts Gerald Ives said, “We are encouraging all alumni who have participated in these groups to join us for these events, and also perform in our spring concert, followed by their attendance at the banquet. This is the first-ever event in which we are inviting alumni of instrumental, vocal, and dramatic organizations to interact with students. We feel that it is beneficial for our program and students to understand the history of performing arts at Alfred State.”

Ives noted that in the past, Anthony Cappadonia, Joseph Canale, and John and Barbara Larson have created a rich legacy of performing arts programs, and that “we are committed to continuing the trend.”

“Alfred State has a number of talented students who have the desire to keep this legacy moving forward,” he said.

The schedule of events for Performing Arts Week is as follows:

For more information, contact the Office of Performing Arts at 607-587-4229, or Ives at ivesga@alfredstate.edu.

Dean, Hilsher present at 105th ACSA meeting in Detroit

Posted Date: Monday, April 3, 2017 - 10:45

The men pose for professional pictureAlfred State’s William Dean, professor in the Department of Architecture and Design, and Jonathan Hilsher, director of the Center for Civic Engagement, recently presented their jointly authored paper titled “Generating Discipline-Based Community Impact through Academic and Student Affairs Collaboration” as part of the 105th ACSA Annual Meeting in Detroit. The theme of this year’s meeting was “Brooklyn Says, ‘Move to Detroit.’”

This was the first time that Alfred State has been invited to participate at this national conference, which is sponsored by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA).

Dean’s and Hilsher’s presentation featured a discussion of the sustained regional community engagement of the Department of Architecture and Design. It also elaborated on the enhanced impact realized through collaboration with a student affairs civic leadership initiative through the Center for Civic Engagement. 

A series of Southern Tier Architectural Resource (STAR) Center case study examples were used to illustrate best practices and a pathway to collaboration on course design, creative cooperation, and intentional partnership designed to maximize student learning and community impact. 

New nanotechnology lab a state-of-the-art facility

Posted Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 15:45
Skip cuts ribbon as two others stand by watching
Alfred State President Dr. Skip Sullivan, center, cuts a ribbon to celebrate the
opening of the college’s new Micro-Nano Fabrication Laboratory. Also pictured are
Provost Dr. Kristin Poppo, left, and Dr. John Williams, dean of the School of
Architecture, Management, and Engineering Technology.

While nanotechnology involves the study and application of very small things, Alfred State’s new Micro-Nano Fabrication Laboratory is one very big addition to the college’s Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Department.

Located on the fourth floor of the Engineering Technology Building, the facility houses a clean room for advanced device, microstructure, and circuit development. Within the lab are state-of-the-art instruments for designing, fabricating, characterizing, and testing complex micro-scale structures and devices in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microelectronics.

The clean room is equipped to support education and research activities in various science and engineering fields, allowing advances in areas as diverse as biomedical engineering, energy harvesting, electronics, cell biology, and high-performance materials. The facility allows students to design, build, and test their own simple devices, while gaining experience in microelectronic and MEMS fabrication techniques.

The main purpose of the clean room is to provide a valuable hands-on experience for students who are looking to work in microelectronics, MEMS, and microfabrication industries after graduation. Very few schools offer such a hands-on learning opportunity to undergraduate students.

While the facility was upgraded at one time in 2003, it was recently expanded through a $1 million grant from the State University of New York (SUNY). The expansion included building renovation and equipment purchases, allowing a host of microelectronic and MEMS devices with features the size of one micron or larger to be fabricated in the same clean room.

Alfred State recently celebrated this new facility with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by faculty, staff, students, friends of the college, Allegany County Legislator Dwight Fanton, and representatives from the offices of US Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning, and State Sen. Catharine Young, R-Olean. Providing welcoming remarks was Dr. John Williams, dean of Alfred State’s School of Architecture, Management, and Engineering Technology.

“This is an exciting day,” he said. “This is many years in the making. We were kind of, up until this point, the best-kept secret. People would hear about what (Associate Professor) Dave Hunt was doing and the systems and the processes that were in place here, and they were impressed. So, this facility actually takes it to the next level, and I think will make us a school of choice.”

Dr. Kristin Poppo, Alfred State provost, said the lab provides an amazing opportunity for Alfred State and its students.

“We are the college of technology for western New York and we have to be at the front end of all these endeavors,” she said. “I think what we do in engineering technology at Alfred State meets the huge demand from the industry because our curricula are not just academic and theoretical. They’re hands on, and our students leave knowing what they’re doing.”

The final speaker for the ceremony was Dr. Skip Sullivan, president of Alfred State, who said ensuring that the college offers state-of-the-art facilities that prepare students for the workforce is a top priority.

“We need this kind of equipment to train our students so when they cross the stage and get their diploma, and even before, they’re ready to go to work,” he said. “This facility is certainly evident of the industry standard that has been set, and we’re delighted to make it available to our students.”

Watch a student video of the new micro-nano lab ribbon cutting.