Working with new cows

I made through a week at the farm and I finally get to start breaking heifers. We have started out with four heifers about a month old. They aren't used to being near people or halters. The last time they were on a halter they were de-horned. We started chasing these things around the pen until one of us managed to grab ahold of one and get a halter on it. Then we had to get another one since there were two of us. The first two were fairly easy to catch and they did well when we walked them outside. The next two were the troublemakers. It took us several minutes just to get a halter on one of them. Somehow we managed to catch them. Little did I know that this was the easy part. It took much effort to get either of them out of the pen. I couldn't even get mine to leave the barn. The more I pulled on the halter the more resistence she put up. The day we tried again and made some kind of progress. We at least got both of the troublemakers out of the barn. This process will be slow but at the end will be a victory knowing that we got one of the most stubborn heifers able walk on a halter in a show.
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