Up 'til Dawn

Recently I have joined the club Up 'til Dawn. This student run club spreads awareness to childhood cancer. It is a national organization that is run by St. Judes Hospital. Last week we talked about our upcoming Halloween party that we are going to put on. We are going to have it the Sunday before Halloween and have various activities going on. I took on the position of Treasurer and Recruitment Chair because I do both of these for my sorority so I had a good idea of what needed to be done for those positions. I am very passionate about this club because a family member of mine is suffering from childhood cancer and I wanted to be able to feel like I was involved in making a difference. Up 'til Dawn will have various fundraisers going on through out the year. We are starting to work all the details out of the fundraiser that will kick off our year. We want to sell rubber bracelets (similar to live-strong bracelets) to support childhood cancer. We wanted to make a difference for those children who suffer from cancer and help to fight for a cure. I am very excited to be a part of this organization and I cannot wait until we begin raising money and putting on programs! Laughing

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