The Alfred "Experience" Continued

The new semester started off with new classes and tons more friends. I also began singing at the U. (Alfred University across the street from Alfred State). I joined the choir and the chamber singers, this was an awesome decision on my part because I began to make friends from the University and a few from the state that also were in the choir, that enjoyed the same extracurricular activities I do.

In addition to this new activity I was involved in, I will never forget the good times such as, the 13 foot tall snowman we made on the volleyball court, or walking to Chinese with my roommate at 1 in the morning.

As I started the new semester some other things were new to me. For example, one of my good friends decided to move in with while my current roommate moved in with the kid next door, this all happened during open room changes. This is where you can move between any room in your building or across campus. Also, I became president of my Hall Council. Hall Council is a group of students from your building who are allotted an amount of money each year and work as the voice for the building as a whole to determine how this money is spent. We would put on events to build community, and help students in the building meet other people in the building and make new friends. We also could do things like buy new equipment for the building such as a Ping-Pong table, microwaves, re-felting the pool tables, ETC...

It seemed like not soon after, the semester was ending and I was saying good bye to all my new friends for the summer. Of course as always the summer wasn’t long enough, but I did have a great time spending my summer living in Georgia with my brother and three fraternity brothers!!

Finally it was time to go back to campus and, oops I forgot to sign up for my room early, so I had to make a last minute phone call to get a room. Therefore the beginning of my sophomore year I was in a new building, Burdick Hall, with a new roommate, and the opportunity to make even more new friends.

At the beginning of sophomore year there was a karaoke event down in pioneer lounge that I went to, and participated in. A few weeks after, one of the judges for the Karaoke tournament, the president of the Drama Club, e-mailed me asking if I would like to join Drama Club, and take part in the musical they were putting on that semester. My decision to join the Drama Club was quite possible one of the biggest decisions I made at Alfred. That semester I started out with a supporting role, then unfortunately the Lead quit so I was move to the Lead! It was sooo much work but it was well worth it. Just being part of Drama Club wasn’t what really made it so great, what made it so great were the new group of friends I acquired.

They were the best! We did just about everything together, many of these kids I’m still friends with now, and each additional semester we have new members join, and I get even more friend! We’re almost like a family, we have rough times, fun times, but we always are there for each other.  At the beginning of the new semester I decided to move into a new building, Braddon Hall, with a friend I met the semester before in Drama Club.

Skipping ahead a little at the end of that year, I became Treasurer for Drama Club. This is a rather important position since most clubs on campus are funded, therefore they must make a request the previous year as to how much money they would like and what they expect to use it for; this was the main task I was appointed to do, which I thought I accomplished quite well since I was able to increase our funds by approximately 45%!!

Now back to second semester sophomore year, I had officially decided that I wasn’t enjoying my major. Classes were going fine I just wasn’t enjoying my core classes. So I decided to sit down with my advisor and then one of the admissions counselors, and decided that I was going to change my major to Marketing. Definitely a good decision, as soon as I started taking Marketing classes I knew it was the right decision, I loved class! Homework was now fun to do, I couldn’t believe it!

To be continued…

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