Starting work at the farm

I recently came to Alfred to stay at the college farm and work. As soon as I walk in the door I'm meet to my new housemate. Not long after hearing all the noise I'm being loved up by multiple friendly cats, one of them being a little kitten named Molly. By the time I have finished unpacking everyone else has already gone off to work. Even though I just got there I quickly got bored and decided to walk down to barn. At this point they had already begun milking. I have never actually seen this kind of equipment for milking and I was unsure of what to do. By this time they had noticed me and quickly found something for me to do. I was already milking cows within three hours of arriving. Everything was going well and apparently ahead of schedule. Then one of the pumps broke and there was multiple gallons of milk spilling out all over the floor while the others tried to fix it. Despite the breakdown in equipment we got everything done. It was a relief for everyone that we could all finally go home after that.
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