Spring semester so far

So far, this semester has been a blast. The newest addition to the list of awesome things I've been a part of at Alfred State is the leadership retreat. Not only was it a great opportunity to meet a lot  students who I haven't already met in my previous three years,  it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with coach Herman Boone! From hearing Coach Boone speak, it was clear that he is every bit as strong, determined and inspirational as his portray in Remember the Titans. Coach Boone was also generous enough to clear up a few inaccuracies between the movie and the real life Titans. His speech is not one I'll soon forget. What I enjoyed most about the leadership retreat is that it was fun from start to finish. Everything from building towers with spaghetti, to screaming team chants, to having dinner at the lake lodge made the leadership retreat a wonderful experience. There are a lot more awesome events planned for this semester. I'll keep you posted!

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