Spring Break 2011 Part III ~ Athens

Ciao Tutti!

I have all of my photos organized from our Athens trip, so now I can finally tell you all about it!

Athens was an amazing place. It had tons of awesome souvenier shops and stores, amazing food and restaurants (not as good as the ones in Sorrento, but they are pretty close!), and the amount of ancient ruins in the city made for the perfect end to our spring break.

The first day was a little shaky due to weather again, unfortunately. It worked out okay though because it was a perfect day to see the Archaeological Museum of Athens, which had hundreds of different displays and sculptures about the rich cultural history of Athens and Greece.

After we left the museum the weather had cleared up slightly, and we had a great night walking around the Plaka, which is a very big marketplace in the center of the historic part of Athens. There I tried one gyro with chicken and another with pork, both were equally delicious! Being back in Italy, gyros are pretty hard to come by. I miss them so much!

Some historical sites that we visited the next day included the Acropolis, where we saw the theatre of Dionysus, a few temples, and the Parthenon! Those ruins were absolutely amazing - I could have spent days on the Acropolis admiring all of the ancient Greek architecture.

We also got to see the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian's Arch, and the Olympic Stadium, and the Agora, which were all sprinkled around the historical part of Athens. It was funny walking around Athens because most of the city is modernized, but as often as you would see a Walmart or a Wegman's back home, you would see some sort of historical landmark. Crazy!

Here are some pictures from my adventures in Athens, thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog!

Me, Trevor, Anthony and Kerri about to have our first gyros at Plaka!

Me near the top of the Acropolis

And there's me staring in awe at the Parthenon!

And finally, the Agora: the ancient marketplace of old Greece!

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