S.O.S update

I don't understand why this is not working...but we will try again.

Wow final exam schedule is out. This semester is flying by. I cannot believe that spring break is in two weeks.

I suppose for this blog I should give an update about S.O.S. The food drive ended on Monday and what a success it was. All of the food collected is being donated to Accord because they are in dire need of canned foods. Because of the success that it was we are actually looking into doing another one and donating it to a different place. We also had our monthly meeting where we discussed other opportunities for helping out the community. We always looking for input on how to improve the club and ideas for community service activities. If interested our meetings are held on the last Monday of Braddon Hall lounge at 5:30. Please attend! There are many organizations out there that are in need of volunteers or other kind of support. Volunteering and community service looks really good on a resume and also is good for the soul.

Thanks for reading. Post again next week.

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