So fustrating

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!

So as the end of the semester is fast approaching the last two weeks before finals are so hectic. It is important to space your work out so  you are not cramming it all in the night before it is due. I have done a very good job at that this semester.

Now to my story that hopefully everyone will learn a lesson from so they do not make the same mistake as I did. I was being a good student and doing my work ahead of time so i did not have to cram. I was saving all of my work on my flash drive, thinking that I could then work on it anywhere that I needed to. Well, I did not save it to anywhere else. I finished it and i did my works cited page in my room. I finished the paper and went to save it. A bunch of messages kept popping up on word, but because I was so excited to have the paper done I just kept clicking the "x." It would not save to I decided to click out of the paper to re save it. When I went to locate it on my flash drive it was gone!!!! Lesson number one everyone should know, read the messages you a "x"ing out of and the BIG: SAVE YOUR PAPERS IN MULTIPLE PLACES 

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