Sketching Seminars with Frank Ching

Ciao Tutti

Thank you so much for checking out my blog this week! For those of you who are interested in studying architecture at Alfred State College, or for current architecture students who are looking to study in Sorrento, Italy, you will be very interested in what I have to say!

If you are a current architecture student at Alfred State College, you know that some of our required texts are written by an architect and professor who works at the University of Washington named Frank Ching. He has mastered free-hand sketching, and he is an absolute wizard when it comes to drawing on-site perspectives and analytical drawings.

This semester (and hopefully for future semesters) we had Frank Ching come to Sorrento, Italy to give us a four day seminar on sketching on-site. He was so incredibly helpful, and during the four days that he was here, I can honestly say that I have significantly improved my sketching abilities. He did not teach us things that were difficult – as a matter of fact, he simplified the sketching process so much, and made us see that a great drawing does not always take a long time to do.

Everyone loved learning from such an experienced architect and professor, and we learned so much from Mr. Ching. He made sure he talked to all of us personally, and worked with us one-on-one while we were outdoors sketching around the town of Sorrento.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Look forward to more soon, and happy Easter everyone!

Here is a picture of our class with Frank Ching at Sorrento's Marina Grande. Having him here was so great! It is incredibly thinking about how much our class has learned since we arrived in Sorrento.

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