Re-Dos and Mini Break....and maybe some Knock Knock Ditch

Okay here is my Re-Do I just wrote this entire blog and yes because of my lack of attention I did not save it so here is my Re-Do blog!!!  I had such exciting news I had to re-write it ugh lol.

So this past week at Alfred was Mini break it went from last Friday to this previous Tuesday.  It's  this nice little break that we get that give us enough time to relax and see our parental units, and some of our friends from back home that maybe you have not had the chance to see since the beginning of the semester.  It also is a nice break before you go crazy...sometimes the days start to run together then midterms hit and you go crazy, so this break is conveniently planned right before so students have a little time to de-stress!!!!  I didn't really do too many exciting things, but I got to go shopping and have my breakfast dates and movie dates with my mom, and when my dad got home from work I got to have our TV dates and dinner dates!!!!  Did I mention shopping??? 

Because I didn't do much over break when my roommate and I got back on campus we were a little bored and decided to pull some pranks and shenanigans on our suite mates and hall mates.  We played a game called Knock Knock Ditch.  Remember when you were younger and you would run up to neighborhood houses and ring their door bells with your friends and run away as fast as possible well trying not to fall over laughing?  Well that's what Knock Knock Ditch is except we don't have door bells in our dorms so we knock really loud and run away before people answer their doors.  We knocked on a couple doors and we hid right around the corner to hear the people come to the door and say hello is anybody there?  But half way through this we were laughing so hard that I could not run anymore, and we started to get caught by people.  We decided to do a few more doors, but when people didn't answer we realized not everyone was back from break yet so the joke was on us hahhaha Cry C'est La Vie!!!  Ohh well it happens.  After we were done playing our little game we found out there was a midnight breakfast that the resident assistants were having as a welcome back program.  They made pancakes and bacon...and pudding which I thought was weird, but hey who is judging?  So we loaded up on food and calmed down....before that we were totally going through one of those coffee and sugar induced manias where we could not stop laughing or running around....thats what break does to people no joke. 

Hmmm I am trying to think of other news that I had for you guys... Oh Duhhh, so this week is Greek Week and Greek Olympics, and yesterday was the first day.  All of the sororities played soccer, but my sorority did not have many soccer players from before so sadly we lost.... but seriously it is on for tonight.  We play dodge ball and us Sigmas can do that!!!!!! Bring it on!Laughing

So I can't remember if I had much more than this, but it is a short week so if I think of anything else I will update you!!!  2 more days yay!



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