Presentation for Marina Piccola

Ciao Tutti!

This week I have some exciting news in terms of our architectural work here in Sorrento! For the past several weeks, Alfred State architecture students here in Sorrento have been slaving over a project for the main ferry port in Sorrento: Marina Piccola. Our class was split into three main groups, each with their own unique ideas on how to improve Sorrento's Marina Piccola. The business students here in Sorrento also aided the presentation by presenting practical business solutions to the problems of Marina Piccola to promote business and environmental sustainability.

We presented all of our ideas at the town hall of Sorrento to some local architects, engineers and even the mayor of Sorrento himself! President Anderson, the president of Alfred State College, decided to fly over to see our presentations.

The presentation went absolutely great, everyone from our class managed to put together wonderful presentations in a very short amount of time! For my part of the project I designed an observation tower and a park for Marina Piccola. Below is a picture of my presentation board:

Here is a picture of me presenting my design at the Sorrento's town hall,I was quite nervous! Everything went great though!

And finally, here is a picture of our entire group that was at the presentation!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and look forward to more soon!

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