New Horizons Forum

Wednesday night was another one of Alfred State's "New Horizons Forum"s ( At this week's meeting Dr. Choichiro Yatani, ASC Psychology Professor, was invited to discuss his involvement in our country's governmental system. In 1986 Yatani was a student in this country here on a visa, and after returning from a trip, he was held without explanation for 44 days in a NYC federal prison. He discussed with us his struggle to discover why he was retained, his fight to be removed from the "Lookout Lists of Undesirable Aliens", and what his views of our nation are today.

This controversial topic sparked a lot of discussion and interest amongst the group, and it really got people to think about certain policies and aspects of our country that we might not normally think about as citizens. This was my first New Horizons Forum, and I will definitely be going to the next one.

Thanks for reading.

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